Our luxurious Collector's Cases have been specially developed and designed for highest expectations. They have been individually crafted in our European glass studios for over fifteen years. For many years they were sold exclusively through Swarovski, where they are highly popular by collectors of Swarovski crystals.
Made in Europe (EU).


This timeless design with its gracefully arched top compliments all decors from classic to modern while providing an elegant showcase for your collection. Choose from four sizes starting at US £ 128.00. The largest size is available with variable shelf spacing that can accommodate figurines up to ten inches in height.



This graceful full arch design is well suited for both traditional and modern interiors. Available in three sizes, each with four shelves for displaying your collection to its greatest advantage.



This striking design is a favorite of art deco lovers. Facet comes in two sizes and is finished in either 24 carat gold or polished nickel finish to beautifully house your fine collectibles.



This model was specifically designed for SWAROVSKI’s Crystal Memories collection. The design suits smaller collectibles and creates more "living space" for larger groupings.Starting at £ 138.00, these are available in three sizes and your choice of either 24 carat gold plate or polished nickel (silver).


Crystal Palace

This most impressive three piece sectional display case offers sufficient space to display a large collection and includes a top shelf with extra room for larger items. Composed of three independent sections, you can begin with the central collector’s case and later add the left and right sections as your collection grows.



The design of this elegant pyramid display case makes it possible to view your lovely collection from all sides.